My Mission Goal


Keeper of the Void by William O’Connor

Greetings other art enthusiasts and welcome to The Art of Bushido. Welcome to what I hope will be a hub for Legend of the Five Rings artwork throughout its years. If you’re like me you have a love for L5R, art, or both. I hope to turn this into a source for fans to gain further insight about their favorite feudal fantasy artists and the game they worked on. Be it learning what brought them to the game, how they enjoyed their experience working for AEG, or what they might be up to now.




Asako Bairei by Drew Baker

I plan to make this a place a great source for the game’s works and artists. I plan to feature interviews with artists and other ex-AEG officials who worked on the game. I’ve learned from several artists that many still have their original works just tucked away longing to be find their way to a loving fan. For those artists that sold off their works without keeping track of them I want to track down and catalog those works, especially the really older works.


The GenCon Aftermath

The GenCon Aftermath

I just got back from GenCon where my main goal was to speak with all the various artists and even some art directors who were at the event. All were on board for helping contribute to the site. In the following weeks I will be fleshing out individual artist pages and coordinating interviews. Stay tuned to The Art of Bushido for further updates.


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