KC Lancaster

kc-online-picI started Kirin Graphics in 1992.  The mythological Kirin is a beast of beauty and grace, with antlers or a horn (depending on which version you choose), built somewhat like a horse with cloven hooves, scales, and flight symbolized by the ethereal flames around the limbs. For Legend of 5 Rings, I not only created artwork for cards and the RPG books, but was lucky enough to be the Art Director for a time.  Traditional Japanese art was an essential inspiration for these L5R pieces, and of particular personal interest.  I’ve done art for many other games, many RPG books as well as cards, in many different styles.  For a full publication history, please see www.KirinGraphics.com.  Currently I’m volunteering on our City’s Public Art Committee and donate many pieces from competition to local charity auctions, as well as creating commissions from individuals.  My current project is pen & ink illustrations for the Sword suit in a Tarot Deck for Rich Hartnett.

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